Smile Gallery

Witness Stunning Smile Transformations

Welcome to our Smile Gallery page, where we showcase some of the beautiful and transformative smiles we have helped our patients achieve. At our dental practice, we believe that a healthy and confident smile is essential to a person’s overall well-being, and we are committed to helping our patients achieve just that. With our advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques and personalized approach, we have helped numerous patients transform their smiles, boosting their self-confidence and improving their quality of life. We invite you to take a look at our gallery and see for yourself the incredible transformations we have helped create.


Chelsea wasn’t completely happy with the size, shape and color of her teeth. Chelsea is what we call a “perfectionist” and for her, she didn’t like how small her teeth looked when she smiled and the boxy shape of them. Our dentist was able to place 10 veneers in a Smile Makeover and give Chelsea the dream smile she has always wanted.

chelsea's before and after treatment photos
richard's before and after treatment photos


Richard came to us in hopes of perfecting his already almost-perfect smile. Richard is a professional who prides himself in his appearance and his work as a lawyer. Two years ago, Richard went through Invisalign clear aligner treatment and while that did correct the alignment of his teeth, Richard still felt like his smile wasn’t exactly what he wanted. By placing eight veneers on the upper anterior teeth, we were able to complete the Smile Makeover in less than a month. Richard is beyond thrilled with his new smile and has worn it with extreme confidence ever since.


Larry came to Shunga Family Dental Care after he unfortunately broke one of his upper anterior teeth. When our dentist met Larry for the first time, she had noticed that Larry lost significant tooth structure from the back of his upper teeth due to years of clenching and grinding. That made all his upper front teeth thin as paper, putting him at risk of breaking even more teeth. Furthermore, because of the grinding, Larry lost the height of his upper anterior teeth, making the bite to collapse with the bottom teeth touching the upper gum, leaving no room to place a single crown. With our dentist’s help we were able to open Larry’s bite and give him a new reason to smile. Although Larry didn’t come to our office with the intention to improve his smile by restoring his teeth functionality, we were also able to give him a healthy and brighter smile that Larry wears with pride.

larry's before and after treatment photos